Papers Available Ahead of Time

This session is proposed to run in a non-traditional format. Formal papers will be available here, in order to enable interested MLA attendees to read them ahead of time. The conversation at the session will feature very brief synopses of key points by each speaker, and then turn to discussion of connections between papers, as well as question-and-answer with attendees. It is our hope that this format will facilitate greater depth of discussion across papers, which in turn will enrich both the on-going research work of these scholars and the larger conversations in which their work participates.

Dearinger._Victorian Zionism and Jewish Cultural Memory: Judith Montefiore’s Notes from a Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine (1844)

Winter._We Vagabonds: Humanitarianism and Migrancy in Dickens’s “Uncommercial Traveller” Papers

Burton. Emily Carr from Victoria to London- colonial homecoming, cultural memory, and the illustrated travel narrative

Milsom Blogging Victorian Tourism- Morrell, Memory, & Plagiarism

Linley. From the English Lake District to Colonial Banff


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  2. Continuing the Conversation – Victorian Travelers and Cultural Memory

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